This page will include several of Gale's personal appearances and important events starting with one of the most important:




Gale rehearses for the Thunderbird concerts with pianist Milt Rogers.  Rogers would remain a close friend of Gale's until his death in 1981.



Four songs from the rehearsal with Milt Rogers were recorded to acetate:






Gale relaxes in the pool at the Thunderbird in Las Vegas.










Below is a magazine feature on the ceremony:












After "Oh, Susanna" ended its run, Gale embarked on a real-life adventure on an ocean liner. 











January 30, 1945

Gale and George Murphy are on their way to President Roosevelt's 63rd Birthday celebration


January 26, 1948

Gale Storm signs a check donating to "Seeds for Peace."with Mrs. William Shearer, President of the California Garden Clubs, Inc.


Gale and Walt Disney hand out scholarships:

October 1987

Gale is pictured with Jock Mahoney

November 28, 1998






May 2000




 Will Hutchins with Gale, May 2000.


after a rehearsal in Brockton, May 2000. Sorry about the red eyes.

October 2000

Friends of Old Time Radio Convention 2000


Gale pictured with DJ Stu Weiss.  Stu conducted a panel with music stars, of which Gale was one.

Brockton 2001