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Happy Birthday in heaven, dear Gale. You continue to bring joy to my life. God's blessings to your family. Always in my heart, Phil Cafiero
I remember as a kid, my parents would play Gale Storm songs ,among others, all day long. as I got older, my father would break out the LP's and play her records in the evening. I am 64 years old now I find myself still listening to her. I still enjoy her music, even today. thank you for the memories. mike
Love All the updates !!!!!
Just discovered this adorable actress after seeing her in UNDERWORLD STORY and AL JENNINGS OF OKLAHOMA. I can't wait to see more of her films!
I loved the show My little Margie and I mentioned to my wife why I never see any of Gale Storms shows. Well I started searching and came up with this site. Thank you I intend on coming back. I think this site should have a way for me to share on Facebook but I do not know how.
Whatever happened to all of the episodes of The Gale Storm Show which ran for 4 seasons. I know they were syndicated in reruns in the early 60s. Cannot believe that some could be lost ? It would be nice to be able to purchase the entire series some day. Does anyone know ?
This time of year we all enjoy the movie classic: It Happened On Fifth Avenue. In the movie we would like to know who dubbed Gale Storm's voice for the song: That's What Christmas Means To Me? Also, available on line is the Lux Radio Theatre version of this movie with Gale Storm. I am not sure if she sang the song on this radio program. Would be nice to see the expansion of your radio credits. Thank you.
remember her !.
As a little boy, Gale Storm was my first crush she was so beautiful.Just her smile would knocked me out,she was so sweet. Rest in Peace.
I used to watch My little Margie as a child. Loved it. I am watching It happened on 5th avenue, wonderful movie!!
My Little Margie tops my list of all time favorite T.V. shows. Gale was my "Girl".
I'm Just an Old-Timer (75) who still remembers and cherishes The Great Memories Of Gale Storm and All She Did For The Entertainment Industry. I Will Take The Fond Memories Of Her When I Leave This World. Thanks, J.C.
I grew up watching My Little Margie and The Gale Storm show...I had a terrible crush on her for my young age! I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world! I just recently saw "It happened on 5th Avenue" and throughout the entire movie I kept saying to myself "that's got to be Gale Storm!" I never heard of that movie, and just recently wanted to watch an older movie about Christmas! What a treat! It brought back memories and thought I would do a search on her background. I am truly sorry that she is no longer with us...she actually died the same year my mother died! Thanks for this website and God Bless.
Just wanted to say that every time I visit the site I am so glad to "meet" Gale again. She was a very special lady and I loved watching her show from the time I was 6 in the late 50's and even today. The show, My Little Margie, never gets old to me. I truly loved Gale and all of her co-stars. Over the years they have been like family to me! I feel very sad that this lovely lady is no longer with us, but looking at the site is a wonderful inspiration. One of the happiest events of my life was meeting Gale at the Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. in 2005. WE had corresponded for 4 years and I was thrilled to be part of the Gale Storm Appreciation Society. RIP, Dear Gale. Will meet with you again in Heaven one day. I will always be grateful for your wonderful phone calls and letters. My other favorite TV show growing up in the 50's and 60's was and is Oh, Susannah, so I am happy to see Gale's pictures and info. anytime. Love always, Janet
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Still loving this site !!and the new content !!!! Loved Gale!may she rest in peace!!!! Love Betty Lake
Still loving this site !!and the new content !!!! Loved Gale!may she rest in peace!!!! Love Betty Lake
I was born in 1951. Through the 1950's and '60's my brothers, friends, and I spent many happy hours in front of the TV watching My Little Margie and Oh Susannah. Ms. Gale Storm was a marvelous actor. I am glad to read she was close to her Lord. Bruce Smith
I fell in love with Gail Storm as a boy in the 50's I loved her show, Oh Susanna. I was lucky enough to talk with her on the phone a number of years ago. I was able to tell her how much I enjoyed her work in film and television. She was so gracious and kind. It is a great memory for me.
Glad to see the website is still up and looking good. Just finished watching UNCLE JOE, a charming little film which starred Gale along with her future co-star, Zasu Pitts. A nice addition to my collection of Gale Storm films and TV shows, which also include LET'S GO COLLEGIATE and SWING PARADE OF 1946. Not to mention 24 episodes of MY LITTLE MARGIE.
I was named after Gail Storm at the request of my grandaddy my mother said he loved her,from what I've read I can see why seems like a sweet lady...
August 9, 2015 I was lucky enough to meet Miss Storm in the late 1960s. I recall how gracious, friendly, and giving she was. I was already a big fan and was a bigger fan after that!
I have loved since the early6 50sI am 67 Now and always remember your TV shows God bless you
I grew up with My Little Margie, she was my first crush.
loved her!
loved My little Margie, and she was so beautiful
I just happened to pass by on youtube. I'm so glad I did. As a child, I adored her. It was so good to read her own story.
I have always loved Gale Storm ever since I was a little kid. I have her sitcoms on DVD and every episode I watch reminds me of those wonderful days. She was pure beauty and class!
In Marjie and other shows she was such a vibrant beautiful woman who generated many a crush. She always was entertaining and fun to watch. I will always miss omscreen presence.
I loved Gale Storm so very much and was heartbroken when I learned that she is no longer with us. But I'm looking forward to finally getting to meet her when we meet in heaven. I've lost track of her wonderful former daughter-in-law who was so nice to me when I purchased autographed items from Gale. She called me in person, and I loved talking to her. I miss you Gale.
You may be gone but you are not forgotten Gale. You warmed this Marines heart for many years!!! RIP!!!
Although it is spelled differently, my Mom named my middle name after Gale Storm. I just had to look her up and see who she was and what she was like. I realize she is gone now, and so is Mom.....may they both enjoy paradise. Sincerely, Catherine Gail
You have added wonderful pictures !!!!love them !!
One of a kind! She had multiple talents and a wonderful media presence! I love to watch "5th Avenue" at Christmas season. Her personality glows and also shone so well in Margie and Oh! Susanna. She worked hard and made many happy!
Watched Gale in IT HAPPENED ON 5th AVENUE last night! Wow! Are there any autographed CDs left?
Nice, realy nice. I was a kid watching "My little Margie" now i am watching old movies,these movies had more flavor than today gabage with poor acting with the exception of few. My favarite cowboy (actor ) idol is Roy Rogers, John Wayne and in watching Rogers i see Lovely Gale Storm it is nice to know she knew Rogers, also to know she sang too, that is realy realy nice i checked her out on youtube. Gale Storm and so many actors of the past where realy and convincing performer not looking for fortune and fame as it is today. Rip ms. Gale storm thank you... Respectfully JayR
I have enjoyed watching your career take off. You were a beautiful person inside and outside. You have made a lot of people happy.
Thank you so much for this Bio of one of my favorite Stars. The information is great and the pictures are wonderful. Thanks again for sharing her wonderful life with us.
An extremely talented performer: truly a television pioneer.
Gale Storm was (and is) my favorite actress on TV growing up in the 50's and 60's. I was 6 years old when I discovered My Little Margie. It was and is the best sitcom ever! I am very happy that I was able to meet her at the convention in Anaheim in 2005. We had corresponded for 4 years and I was a member of the Gale Storm Appreciation Society. (I was thrilled to talk with her on the phone often as well!). She cared about her fans and was interested when I had spinal trouble and pain. Today I still love watching her show which brings back many memories. Love this site and will visit it often! Janet Cannady
I was an Orderly at Raliegh Hills Hospital in Oxnard. As a young man, she and her husband, Lee Bonnell, took me unter my wing until I. Finished Oxnard Pivot Point College.
I loved u from the first showing of "My Little Margie". I never missed a show! U were the high lite of my week. Then "Oh Susanna", I was SO excited that u reappeared on TV. U have a very special place in my book of life. My husband and I saw u in a play in Dallas Tx. Dont remember the play's name but we were honored to get to catch u back stage. I got to shake ur hand and tell u how much I loved u and all ur TV programs. I can still see ur face now and my heart just races with excitement of getting to see my favorite actress. U have brought such great joy and happiness to so many. I wished TV would bring back ur reruns like they do of so many. May u R.I.P. and ur memory live on. TK U for giving me such Wonderful memories.
Loved Gail since I was a child in New York. Just played some of her music here in my home in Costa Rica.
I have only just recently discovered Gale Storm in Swing parade 1946, I think she was absolutely great and I love the sequence she does "OH Brother", a very beautiful lady, glad she made it into old age.
Sure do miss those days of the 50's when I sat in front of our old Sentinel Tv and watched Margie and all the other wholesome programming that appeared daily. Have been a bit lazy today and watching some old westerns on GetTV, which Gale appeared in... Still fresh and timeless entertaining. We rarely watch anything on the network channels, ( take that) preferring to view the good programming, which is once again available on several channels that show classic movies and shows. Good to see you again, Gale, and a great week ahead to her many fans.
I was blessed to know Gale, just for awhile, through her fan site. I was so surprised when she called me the first time. I will always miss her voice, her singing and of course seeing her in the many roles she played.
Thank you for sharing the photographs They brought back many memories. Thank you again
I am a distant cousin of Gale and got to meet her and her family when she came aboard the USS Coral Sea (CVA-43) in Hawaii. I told her who I was and later my grandmother said she had told her mother in Houston about meeting me. It was a great thrill for me as I grew up watching her on TV but never thought I would ever get to meet her.
Super Job Great Memories I Use Her Music Weekly On VOWR 800AM Radio wwwVOWR.org
Super Job Great Memories I Use Her Music Weekly On VOWR 800AM Radio wwwVOWR.org
Back to say a 'Birthday wish!.... Rest in peace // You are missed....
My mother admired Gale Storm so much that she named me after her. I was born in 1952 and we were fortunate enough to have a TV back then. Mom was home raising my older brother and expecting me during Miss Storm's rise in popularity. Thank you for a grand website honoring this great woman.
I thought Ms. Storm's family would like get a kick out of hearing this. My mom was the head dress designer for the company that designed Ms. Storms dresses both for "My Little Margie" and "The Gale Storm Show", Junior House of Milwaukee. I contacted Ms. Storm around 1999 or so and spoke with her on the phone. Ms. Storm sent me an autographed photo and was very sweet to spend time talking with me on the phone. I still watch "Margie" and just bought The Gale Storm dvd set the other day.
My favprite ever since My Little Margie! Always enjoyed her voice and movies.
loved her shows,i remeber sitting in front of the tv.
Love Gale's pictures . She is so beautiful. Good job on the website.
Just saw the last 1/2 hour of "It Happened on 5th Avenue". My husband and I thought we would watch some Christmas movies and came upon this movie on The TCM channel. Look forward to sometime seeing the full movie. Lovely "oldie but goodie" movie with wonderful actors. Ms. Storm was a standout.
Watching "It happened on 5 the Avenue" for the 2nd time in a month, what a treat.
Great site for a great lady. I watched her as a kid in the early sixties on My Little Margie and now again via DVD.
Husband and I are presently watching, "It happened on 5th Avenue". My favorite movie helped me get through Christmas in Afghanistan a few years back!
Watched "It happened on 5th Avenue" for the first time, me and the wife very much enjoyed it. Gale has two new fans.
As a child, I faithfully watched "My Little Margie" and later "Oh Susanna". As a teenager, I collected her records and still have all of her records(45's,33's,and ep's), all in excellent condition.
Gale Storm - a beautiful lady, wonderful actress and someone who will be missed by many.
Hello, I want to thank Ms Storm for contribution and pleasure. Although, I was born in 1960 I learned and watched many older movies at a young age --- a good of my learning was my father's lifetime interest in movies HE grew up with. I watched Gunga Din many times before I was 12. MY love and interest has spread to many movies and show that truly show the better of everyone and leave you with feeling good. I just watched "it happened on 5th Avenue". My mother turned me to a few years ago and I love to watch it every Christmas. I also use to watch Ms Storm on tv shows. One of the things I have always wanted to do is meet these priceless entertainers from 30s, 40s and to say THANK YOU. Without TCM on TV and my father exposing me to all these older shows I have to come to greatly appreciate them. 99% of todays show and movies I really don't care for ---and I infected my wife and now we both watch lots of 40s movies. It happened on 5th Avenue is one of my many favorites and I wish I could have told Ms Storm in person or by email. A true treasure she will always be in my heart of memories. You can't say that many of the shows today. Thank You. I hope her children can maybe know there are people out in the world that remember her and are thankful she such a fine performer. Thank You - I wish I could have met and said thank you. Dean & Jana Fonville. Bryan,TX. 12-8-13
Me and my wife just spent 2 hrs watching "It happened on 5th avenue. What a treat, thanks Gale and TCM. You have 2 new fans!
As a kid (Born in 1954)I had a big crush on Gale Storm. Having seen her on TV many times, I thought that she was so pretty and sweet.
I grew up watching the "My Little Margie" show on television. I would give anything to live those early years once again, back when everything was simple no political correctness like we have today.
I wish I could get sum this music on DVD.Mis Storm was a great song. I had here music when i was in my teen.
Her shows were the delight of my teens. I wish I could get a copy of VERN'S FLYING SAUCER (episode 115, 3-9-55) which really hit this sci-fi fan as hilarious. Thanks for doing this website.
Hello! I'm such a Gale Storm fan. Her picture is my facebook picture and I got this website from a fan who thought I might like it. Lovely site! P.S. I loved her appearance on Murder, She Wrote too!
Hi again! I forgot to say thank you for the wonderful website you created. Susie, you've done a wonderful job! I will visit again to see more. Love the MLM's and watch often. Love, Janet (Redondo Beach)
I bonded with "Margie" right away in first grade (in the late 50's). I came home from school one day and found my dad watching Margie. I usually watched the cartoons, but he asked me to try the show! I loved it and still do! My older sister Laurie who was 9 at the time loved Margie and very soon both of us thought of Gale as a role model. We wanted to grow up and look like her and be like her! We formed such a personal bond that it will always be there. Every time I watch my DVD's it's like the years slipped away and there we were together again and it was just us and Margie! One of the most thrilling days of my life was receiving a beautiful letter from her following my fan mail a few years ago. She also sent me a beautiful picture which I see every day in our hallway. But better than that was meeting Gale in person at the Convention Center in Burbank -2005 She was so gracious and warm! We started calling each other but it was hard for her to hear, so we wrote to each other. Richard Bullis was very nice and when he was there visiting helped us with the phone. I told Gale I am housebound with a severe back problem (at that time it was inoperable) but in 2010 they operated on my collapsing spine, but I am still a shut-in, as I cannot walk and am on crutches or wheelchair. (This was from childhood Scoliosis). My spine is like a dormant volcano that decided to erupt 50 years after being diagnosed. I miss my idol terribly and still love her and the show very much plus all of the cast members were always like dear friends. Gale had a certain magic that is hard to describe. Besides being beautiful and very talented there is something that connects the viewer to her in a personal way. Though we grew up with many fine comedies like Lucy and Topper, etc. nothing could compare to Margie and Oh, Susannah in our hearts. God bless her family and lovely daughter who sent me a nice Christmas card and letter last year. I have to go around with crutches or wheelchair despite Physical Therapy twice a week. One more surgery on October 14th may help me, I am praying for it to work! Very best regards, Janet Cannady - Number #1 fan in California and really all around the world!
So glad to see that Gale's website is being maintained so well. I have many DVDs and CDs of her many fine performances and never tire of watching or listening to her. Truly one of the "crown jewels" of the entertainment world.
i remember very clearly as a young boy watching " My Little Margie"...to bad we don't have that kind of sweet honest talent anymore
As a 42 year old record collector, I discovered Gale about a year and a half ago on a whim when I found "Gale Storm Hits'. And she has risen to the tops of my faves list since then! Then mom filled me in on who she was. So far, found 3 old vinyls, and looking for more. So glad I finally took the time to discover this site. It's awesome, and hope to raise some cash soon to make a special purchase from y'all. Gale is the bomb!
saw the movie swing parade with the three stooges a remastered version in color.absolutely fantastic.
I think I'm Gale Storm's cousin. Growing up in East Texas (Henderson County), I often visited with Ross Greenhaw, who was my grandfather's uncle. One evening in 1959, I was there and Oh! Susannah! was on TV. Uncle Ross said, "That's my sister Minnie's girl." I always remembered that, but really had no way of confirming it. Then last night, I thought I might be able to find out something on the Web. There's a chance that Minnie's maiden name was not Greenhaw, because there were three marriages of my great-great-grandfather, one of which was to a widow who already had some children, so Minnie might have been one of those children. Is there any way you can help me find out? By the way, I was always a huge Gale Storm fan.
Some good things have been added!!!!! Love , love , love it!!!!! Thanks for all the efforts .. Keep them coming!! My best to all ...Susie , a special thanks!!!!!!! love you all Betty
thanks for all the great entertainment
Like the website. You've covered quite a bit. Labor of love obviously. Wish my Dad were alive to see this. He dated Gale here in Houston before she went off to Hollywood and changed her name.
One of the nicest people I have ever met during this lifetime. And Ron, you have outdone yourself. Total perfection
Are all of the episodes of The Gale Storm Show (1956-1960 )available on DVD ? If not, why ?? It was an excellent and very popular program and was aired in re-runs. I cannot imagine that some of them have been destroyed since the program was filmed and by the late 50's TV was out of it's "dark ages". The My Little Margie series filmed several years earlier is available in its entirety.
She was the greatest!!
very interesting artist, i wonder if you know on wich date (year) she did record the song My Happiness. thanks
Always enjoyed Ms. Storm's shows
Boy,do I miss Gale!
From Janet in Redondo Beach, Ca. - Hi, Sorry I wanted to add to my message yesterday. Gale has always been very important in my life and I had always wanted to meet her. Ever since (in the late 50's) I was six and my sister nine we became staunch and enamored fans of hers.. The magic started when I got home from school one day and MLM was on. The first one I saw was the Radioactive Margie! I still remember the burned out shack and Mr. Honeywell and Vern thinking Margie was inside! Though there were many wonderful series out there, this was our absolute favorite. She had a magic about her in My Little Margie and in everything she performed in. We loved Gale Storm Show as well and caught as many of her films on TV as we could growing up. All this time later it's like the time never passed sitting down to watch my DVD's of the show. One of the greatest moments of my life was finally meeting Gale in Burbank in 2005 at the Collectors Show. We had corresponded for about a year or two before that after I entered her wonderful fan club. She made me feel very happy and at home when I spoke to her on the phone as well. This is truly a lovely website for a timelessly talented and wonderful lady. I knew that she was special and a truly wonderful person as well. Thank you all for setting up this wonderful website where we can appreciate her talents any time. Still my favorite show is Margie (and my sister who now lives in Texas) feels the same. Thanks again and blessings to you all. Your friend, Janet
The pictures of GAle are just lovely, Susie. I'm sorry I haven't gotten in touch. Will always treasure meeting your mom in 2005. My sister and I have since being little girls lifelong fans. Your Xmas card was neat and I saw a very nice resemblance in your picture! I still cannot walk - I had emergency surgery for spinal stenosis 2 years ago Xmas week. I have a brace in last few weeks to help straighten my back, and hope and pray it will work. I am still bent over and try hard in P.T. TAke care and blessings to you and all of your family. Special thanks to Richard for being a good friend in the fan club. Fondly, Janet
I loved watching anything Gale was in, she is still admired by a ever loving and devoted fan club. Thank you for such a great web-site where we can go and read about all of her wonderful accomplishments. Thank you
We are watching The Dude Goes West and we wanted to see what other movies Gale Storm had made. We enjoy her work.
I am curious, how difficult would it be to put together a complete collection of her songs? Thanks, Sissy Poettler
grew up watching Gale Storm in "My Little Margie" will make it possible to watch show here at your site. Thank you for this site. roz age 61
Good job on the site!
The MY LITTLE MARGIE televison show was the most entertaining show that ever appeared on tv, in my opinion. I was a 24/7 caregiver for my mother for many years. She died at age 94 on 24 June, 2012 of pancreatric cancer, but during her last years of life she repeatedly watched the only episodes of My Little Margie that we could find available, and we fell in love with the show. My sincere thanks to the late Gale Storm for her tremendous performance as Margie in that series, and my sincere thanks to those of you who are dedicated to keeping her memory alive through this website. I only wish my mother could have seen ALL of the 126 episodes of the series, but we could only obtain about 24 on dvd. Thank you again for making my late mother's last years so enjoyable. Robert Weilert
Great site! Big fan of her.
I grew up listening to and watching Miss Storm on TV. Loved her and as a young girl modeled after her. She was beautiful, smart, and very talented. Thank you for my fond memories.
like this site. susie sent me 3 pictures from"this is your life" one is of the 2 teachers,one of her 2 sisters,1 brother and miss gales mother.last one of lee and her 3 boys. miss gale put little notes on all of them. they are not for sale but if you can use them so others can see them that is fine with me. i also have "love by jukebox light" with a letter from the record co. thanking her for the picture on the cover.
I really liked My Little Margie and The Gale Storm Show when I was a kid. Could not stand Lucy, but loved Gale Storm. Glad to find a site devoted to her. She was special.
Hi Susie!!!!! You have done a great job on this site... Can not wait to see more...